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No two bodies are alike, and each person has their own unique body types and goals.

 We combine knowledge from various forms of physical exercise and treatments in order to help you reach your goals more holistically.

Reformer Workout


Pilates exercises are a series of controlled movements designed to strengthen the core and improve mobility and posture by encouraging targeted muscle engagement. It is a low impact exercise and is suitable for various fitness levels - be it for post rehabilitation or a full body workout.

Personal Trainer


Personal training provides guidance on fitness and resistance training exercises, tailored specifically to your individualised goals and needs. The progressive nature of the workouts ensure appropriate loading and technique while building on strength, agility, coordination and cardiovascular fitness.

Leg Injury


Our physiotherapists are here to provide treatment and support for injuries or certain physical conditions. Treatment sessions include assessments for a detailed understanding of a clients injury or condition, as well as therapy options such as manual therapy, ultrasound and corrective exercises.

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